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Tohum rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces bring to life a completely new interpretation of nature, introducing a highly expressive and powerful take on femininity.

In Turkish, a “TOHUM” is a “seed”

Tohum Design’s founder Verda Alaton is a young designer who grew up in an artistic family and created a contemporary design concept out of her lifelong passion. The origins of the Tohum concept come from her love of far away lands and primitive cultures.


Tohum’s Terra Gold collection is all about a new and contemporary celebration of nature this season. As with all Tohum designs, each Terra Gold piece is a unique handmade creation staying true to the brand’s tradition as well as translating the creative idea to a crafting innovation


Inspired by the liberating spirit of nature, Terra Gold celebrates life with designs that create an explosion of freedom and joy.  Just like fresh new seeds coming to life, each piece bursts with exciting energy and spontaneity.  All in gold, the designs glow with elegance and modernity while creating a bold and brave feminine statement.


The designs not only use seeds for inspiration but also in actual creation with every piece containing a rare seed inside and each time forming a unique aesthetic with an original shape and texture. The result is striking pieces that shine beautifully on the outside and contain deep meaning on the inside.