Our Services
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Our Services

What we offer our clients

Confused about how to access new markets? Overwhelmed by the paperwork? Not sure where to start?

IDYLIST provides a range of services that will help you to easily tackle key global markets.

  • Consulting

    We provide you with full consulting and advisory services relating to the internationalisation of your band.
    • Legal and Financial advice
    • Branding advice
    • Design advice
    • PR & Marketing advice

  • Private Sales

    We will promote and sell your accessories at numerous private sales
    • Glamorous locations
    • Large address book of clients
    • Quickly get your brands in the hands of trendsetters

  • Retail Placement

    We have access to buyers at departments stores as well as local specialised boutiques.
    We have local knowledge and network of contacts

  • Online Presence

    We will help you develop and extend your online and social media presence.
    We will recommend and introduce potential online retailers for your products

  • Trade Fairs

    We will represent your brand at the most suitable and top local and international trade fairs and sales events

IDYLIST will represent and look after your brands and products, by being your main point of contact between buyers, bloggers, PR companies and consumers. We will focus on growing your existing brand on range of markets through sales & marketing, representation on trade shows, events and other channels

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