Merve Bayindir
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Merve Bayindir

Striking handcrafted hats for everyday use and special occasions.

Merve Bayindir was born in Istanbul and studied Psychology and Humanities at York University in Toronto, Canada. She first started her career as a Psychologist, then worked with her architect father and was inspired furthermore by her mother’s interest in painting and art. Eventually, Merve Bayindir decided to carry her passion for design to her professional life.


In 2010 her designs shifted focus more towards hats and by 2011 the Merve Bayindir brand catapulted her name into the fashion world as a hat/millinery designer.


Merve explains her passion for hats:

“Life is too short, a person should rebel against conservative and binding thoughts and restrictions and instead express him or herself freely. We cannot all design or create to express, however, we are all free to use designs and creations that reflect our emotions, personality, and lifestyle.


Hats are a less preferred branch of design all around the world, and a dying one in Turkey; I am trying to give people a chance to have a touch of a fairy tale in their lives with my hats. I hope my hats touch some people’s lives and give them a better way to express themselves.”